Tiffany Alana - Customer Review - September 2016

Portway Lifestyle Centre
I've been coming to this gym for two years and started going to classes a year ago after a close friend recommended BLT! I absolutely loved it and I try and go to as many different classes the centre offers!
Many members of the staff are lovely and welcoming especially one instructor who is an absolute inspiration! She knows how to cheer us up when we feel down and depressed about our bodies, she'll go out of her way to give us planned meals and exercise routines to help us achieve our goals and feel better about ourselves and live a healthier lifestyle. She has changed my outlook on life and with the support of Natasha and a close friend Michelle they have made me feel good about myself after a workout and encourage me to go to classes when I feel the excuses coming along. She's a true gem whose happy and caring personality shines when you see her, making us all feel welcome and confident to come to the gym!

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