Justine - Customer Review - March 2015

Smethwick Swimming Centre
I have always struggled with my weight and would definitely call myself a serial dieter. I joined a slimming club five months ago and I have lost over three stone already. Although this is wonderful I still found I was not happy with my body shape so in December 2014 I set myself a goal. I made myself join the gym but knew I would not attend until in the New Year.

January came and I walked into Smethwick Swimming Centre and I can honestly say I was terrified. I am 43 years old and I have never been inside a gym before. I asked at reception if I could speak to an instructor as I knew I would not know what to do on the machines, Tom arrived and I just thought oh god it’s a man!

However within minutes I knew I had made the right decision, Tom orientated me around the gym and equipment and I felt like I should have joined years ago. Since joining I have met Anna who also makes coming along to the classes enjoyable. Anna and the other instructors recognise members as individuals and that we all have our own strengths and weaknesses, I love the way they encourage us but don’t over power us! I would not have been comfortable with being made to feel in-adequate and I certainly don’t feel like that here.

Being a member makes it easier for me to either structure my week or pop in when I can.
I attend 4 classes a week at present and I absolutely love it. If I can’t come due to work commitments I feel really fed up, exercise has become my medicine. I feel happier, more confident and I love the way my body shape is changing, I have energy, I am eating more despite still losing weight!

I bought my first lycra gym kit last week and I know I look quite good in it. Who would have thought me in lycra!

So to summarise I am so glad I made the decision to join SLT and come along to the gym at Smethwick Swimming Centre. It has changed the way I view "me" and exercise, I will never look back!

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