Janna Briggs - Christchurch School Sports Day - January 2015

Sports Development
All of the children had a great time, and all of the staff that came with us have said what good value for money the day was, how well organised it was and how the children clearly had a fab time too. Some of the parents have said that their children enjoyed it and have either been to your swimming pool before but would be more interested in trying new things as well, or that they haven't been before but now are likely to visit and they were pleased to receive the leaflet with the information in. 
I asked a few of the children what they had enjoyed most (all of the children said they had a great day) and some said Zumba because they like dancing and had never done it before, the others said they liked learning something new, playing new games, working with different people, mostly having fun! It worked really well with our topic in Year 2, and as part of the topic we are making some 'healthy lifestyle' leaflets.

The staff were all very enthusiastic and engaged the children, even the ones who aren't that sporty, everyone joined in and the activities and resources were very well organised.
The timing of the activities was just right for this age group, the 40 minutes or so was just right, they worked up a sweat but it was not too much for them. 

I especially liked that you did the certificates and wristbands at the end, the children always like to achieve something, and it fitted perfectly with our theme of participation. It was nice that they now have a memento of the day and many are still wearing their wristbands!

Thank you again for a fab day!

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