Hilary Boyce, The Prince's Trust Central Region - Tennis Project 2015 - June 2015

Tipton Sports Academy
Can I say a big thank you once again to you and all your team for making our tennis project a great success for yet another year. It is always such a pleasure to deal with you all and let’s hope we are given the funding to run it again in 2016. All the school staff have said how wonderful Craig, Liam and Andy have been with the young people and they really appreciate the care taken to engage with them despite some difficult behaviour at times.  I got the young people and staff to write feedback comments about the project yesterday at lunch and am attaching a scanned copy for you and the others to have a look at.  There are some great comments from both staff and pupils including "Craig has awesome shoes!!” which made me laugh. Emma Johnson from Walsall Academy sent a text yesterday to say "Please pass on my thanks to the boys at Tipton as they always make us so welcome”.
Hilary Boyce, The Prince's Trust Central Region

Shire Oak Academy Staff & Pupil Comments:

"Ideal location. Good venue, well equipped.”

"The Tipton tennis instructors are very professional and have a great rapport when working with the pupils. The tournament is well organised with great facilities. The activities provided really encourage the pupils to take part, increase their self-confidence and build on their social skills.”

Walsall Academy Staff & Pupil Comments:

"I think it’s been a laugh, I enjoyed the games at the start and working as a team.”

"I enjoyed tennis, it’s been a good experience and I learnt something new.”

"I have learnt how to serve a tennis ball over a net and I think we all can work as a team.”

St. Peter’s Collegiate School Staff & Pupil Comments:

"It is a very good project.”

"I love doing sport. This is great!”

"It’s been a great experience and I have enjoyed communicating and playing with the other schools.”

"Very supportive, motivating coaches. It has been a privilege for them to work with us (lol)! Craig has awesome shoes.”

"Coaches are good, good facilities and courts. Thank you for this experience.”

"The two coaches we had were very supportive throughout all the training sessions.”

"It has been great to be part of an initiative where my wonderful students have been able to enjoy themselves and show their qualities in such a positive light.”

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