Glebefields Primary School - Fun Sports & Fitness Sessions - 15th September 2014

Tipton Sports Academy

I loved having the chance to go down to Tipton Sports Academy because we got the chance to do athletics, football and the awesome tennis. I had a fantastic time and so did all my friends.

We loved it because it was fun and sporty, we liked the tennis and football because we got to play a big match at the end. We liked the coaches because they were kind.

I thought that the Sports Academy was incredibly awesome. This was because the coaches were motivated and passed that on to us.

Today was very fun as we got to exercise and have fun at the same time and tennis was very fun because I never played it before and I loved it.

I think it was amazing I enjoyed the football and I loved the long jump, hurdles and the tennis.

I enjoyed the athletics because I love running, its fun!

I enjoyed the running then you had to run and jump then continue to run. It was really fun and good exercise.

I thought that it was all great. The people who taught us were excellent, thank you for teaching us. All of us are grateful. It was really fun!

 -Comments from pupils at Glebefields Primary School


2D had a great time at the TSA yesterday. The children really enjoyed the dance and athletics. We discovered that Kierah is a fantastic runner! They liked the tennis but were tired when they got to that activity

Activities well suited to the children. A variety of activities. Polite and friendly staff. Fun. Safe. Differentiated. All children were engaged.

Athletics: Great, enthusiastic, patient leader. Kids really enjoyed.

Dance (Zumba): Kids had fun, more ‘follow my dance moves’ games please!

Thanks again for a great week, everyone really enjoyed it and got something out of it!

-Comments from teachers


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