Bhangra Burn Off - Customer Review - December 2014

Sports Development
Bhangra Burn Off has been very good to attend because it gives a beneficial effect to my concentration & rhythm. It helps me understand my body more. To improve, I would suggest more explanation of the steps and a better breakdown of the steps. This would help me to understand it better and be able to do it at home.
Great fun, friendly people, energetic workout A++++!

Fantastic class, lost loads of weight, fun, wicked music!

I enjoyed the Bhangra class. It is a fantastic workout. I couldn't fault a thing. Very disappointed it has to end. The instructor (Kubsy) was very professional and worked us hard!

Please do more classes in Smethwick!

These classes are invaluable for someone like me who has never before ‘kept fit’. These sessions are worth every penny. Please may they continue!

I don’t get much time to myself so when I can make it, I like to really put it in – I really enjoy it.

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