Amy Burrill - Customer Review - Feb 2016

Smethwick Swimming Centre

When Tom and Anna announced that they were leaving Smethwick Swimming Centre I was concerned. I had recently started attending the gym after making the decision to change my lifestyle drastically. With support during one to ones with Tom and attending the classes led predominately by Anna and Bradie I had begun to make visible progress (and mental progress).

I was worried that with them gone, the centre would falter, that the replacements would not be as experienced and capable as they were, and (quite selfishly) I would lose motivation and fail. Fortunately I was wrong. I am writing to say how pleased I am with the new fitness instructors at Smethwick Swimming centre. Corey and Jon have brought a new found enthusiasm to the centre, and since they started the progression of improvement to the centre ( equipment, communication with user via displays/ face to face, and classes ) has sped along at a pace.

The centre has been rejuvenated. The classes have been revitalised, and the two instructors' different teaching and training styles complement each other wonderfully. Despite attending the same classes on a weekly basis, I am never bored by them, as they change the activities, the pace (and their banter ) regularly. They clearly carefully plan their sessions and want the users to get the most out of coming. It's obvious that they care about the fitness goals and also the well being of the attendees. They also take good care of the centre- I have never seen it so clean and tidy! With the equipment stored so safely and neatly. Particularly the steps, and mats in the dance studio. It is also great that they have in depth knowledge of anatomy , physiology and sport and fitness. They easily offer advice on an hoc basis in the gym, and can give five different solutions to every fitness query!

As well as attending classes I also take full advantage of the one to one offer with the One Card. I work both with Corey and Jon. Jon's knowledge of weightlifting (and to be honest any other fitness subjects I've asked about) is second to none and his ability to really push , encourage and understand personal goals whilst maintaining excellent professional demeanour is brilliant. My strength and endurance has increased incredibly quickly since he started working with me. It is also extremely refreshing to work with someone who does not put limits on my ability purely based on my gender. Previously I have run into people working in gyms who stopped pushing me to reach my personal fitness goals because I was female. Corey is a lovely, honest, open and approachable instructor - he works incredibly hard to give us wonderful , innovative, varied (and funny) classes. He obviously cares about the people in his classes and one to ones. Corey too has a wide knowledge of fitness (and cross fit in particular) which he generously shares.

Corey and John complement each other very well in a team, working with each other's strengths and weaknesses. I have also attended fitness yoga since October and have found the new instructor to be fantastic. She is incredibly open and friendly and her sessions and varied, interesting and challenging. I understand that she is only temporary and I will be very sad to see her go. The new body pump instructor (Donna?) Is also wonderful- she has clearly been teaching body pump for a long time, as she has such a range of tracks that no session is the same- meaning that each weeks workout is a fantastic challenge, and is never tedious.

All these fantastic instructors help keep me on track to meet my goals, And help me set new ones. I believe that the £30 per month I pay for gym classes and one to ones is the best money I spend each month. It is incredibly good value for money. I look forward to seeing what the future has in store for Smethwick Swimming Centre.

kind regards, Amy (Gym member at Smethwick Swimming Centre)

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