Swimschool Questions Answered

Why is the Direct Debit scheme being introduced ?
To improve customer satisfaction and reduce queues at reception.

What’s the advantages of paying my Direct Debit ?
You will not have to queue at reception to make monthly payments and you receive a discounted price for paying by Direct Debit.

Can I get any further discounts ?
You will ONLY get a discount if you pay by Direct Debit or if you are a concessionary member paying by Direct Debit. Any children must have their own concessionary membership or be part of a valid family concessionary membership paying by Direct Debit.

What discounts are available on direct debit ?
See our Swim School activity page for details of current prices.

I have more than one child on scheme are there additional discounts ?
All children pay the same price if you are on Direct Debit.

Can I still pay by cash as I don’t have a bank account ?
You can still pay by cash however you will have to pay full price

How much is it ? How are the costs worked out ?
The costs are worked out as follows :- cost of lesson x 50 weeks = annual cost, then annual cost split into 12 equal payments.

When does my direct debit come out ?
On the 1st of the month if you are setting up a new direct debit with us. If you have an existing direct debit with us that comes out on 12th then this will be amended to add the new cost of the lessons.

Can this date be changed ?
Sorry no, not at the moment

My child has three lessons before first Direct Debit comes out, how much will I pay ?
You may have to pay a bridging payment that cover you from the end of your current block of lessons up to the start of direct debits. This will be worked out as follows :- cost of lesson x number of lessons until DD’s start = payment needed.

What happens to lessons that are on Bank Holidays when the centre is closed ?
If you have lessons on a Bank Holiday then a future DD payment will be adjusted to ensure that you get credited for this lesson.

Will I receive credits for sessions I miss ?
No, if you miss a session you will lose that lesson credit.

What should I do if my child suffers a long term injury or illness ?
You need to write a letter to the Operations Manager outlining your illness or injury and he will take a view on whether we suspend the lessons for you or refund you for any lessons, as per our terms and conditions.

How do cancel and come off the programme ?
You have to give one months notice to cancel off the programme this can be done via email to memberships@slt-leisure.co.uk

What happens if I don’t have enough money in my bank account when the direct debit is due to come out ?
Then an unpaid DD charge will be made against you as per our terms and conditions.

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