Swim Academy Direct Debit Terms and Conditions

Swim Academy Terms and Conditions
1. Swim School will run over 50 weeks per year, with a two week break at Christmas.
2. Blocks of 30 minute lessons are paid for in advance and no credits are issued for absenteeism.
3. Should long term illness or hospitalisation prevent you or your child from attending the programme, a letter giving details of the reason for absence should be written to the Operations Manager who will decide if a credit should be issued for missed lessons.
4. Unless payment for the next block of lessons is not paid for on or before the last date of re-payment then swimming lessons will be cancelled and the place offered to customers on the waiting list
5. No refunds or credits will be issued for closures that are beyond the control of Sandwell Leisure Trust. For planned closures, such as bank holidays, credits will be automatically awarded.
6. Sandwell Leisure Trust will provide a qualified swimming teacher for each lesson. Should the regular teacher be absent for any reason, the centre will take all reasonable measures to provide a qualified  teacher who is familiar with the Swim School teaching programme. In the event that no teacher can be secured, the lesson will be cancelled and you will be credited for the cancelled lesson.
7. The awarding of badges is subject to the decision of the assessing swimming teacher who works to criteria of which predetermined standards for both water skills and stroke technique are laid down. The ability to cover a set distance does not necessarily mean the skill or stroke criteria have been met for the badge being undertaken.
8. The swimming teacher is responsible for the supervision of the lesson. You are required to follow all instructions relating to Health and Safety, conduct and behaviour. Continued disregard to these may lead to removal from the lesson or ultimately the lesson programme.
9. Under Health and Safety guidelines, jewellery and other adornments should all be removed before a swimming lesson takes place. I understand that requirements of religious and cultural needs will be taken into consideration, but any items that cannot be reasonably removed will need to be made safe for the activity taking place in the water.  It is your responsibility to remove (or make safe) yours or your children's jewellery and to ensure that it is stored in a place of safe keeping.
10. There will be occasions when it is necessary to initiate physical contact with a pupil in order to support them so that they can perform a task safely, to demonstrate the use of particular piece equipment or to assist them with an exercise. Sandwell Leisure Trust will ensure that all contact is provided openly and in accordance with the guidelines provided by the Swimming Teachers Association and the Amateur Swimming Association. (The National Governing Body).
11. You can leave the lesson programme at any time by notifying the centre in writing.  In this case you will forfeit any remaining credits. If you are on a Direct Debit, please see the Direct Debit terms and conditions below regarding leaving the programme.
12. Sandwell Leisure Trust reviews its fees and charges for services annually. The charges for swimming instruction may change in the future.  In which case, the increase in fees and charges will be advertised, in advance, within the centre’s reception area.
13. The charge for swimming instruction includes the cost of entry into the building for one spectator.  Should more than one person accompany the pupil to the swimming lesson programme, then a payment to enter the building will be due for the additional person/s.
14. Swim School offers an award system to participants in the swimming programme.  The award is gained through continual assessment and a decision on pupil’s attainment level will be made by the swimming teacher. Parents will be provided with the opportunity to purchase the badge/s. The cost of the award will be in addition to any fees already paid for swimming instruction.  The purchase of the award is optional.
15. As pupils progress through the swimming lesson programme there will be a need for pupils to change classes.  This could involve a change of teacher and/or class time and/or day of lesson.
16. The allocation of new class placements will be made through the Home Portal / Reception / Activity Co-ordinator, who will advise on the availability of suitable classes.
17. There may be a delay between you achieving an award and a new placement being found.  In this instance you will remain with the current class until a placement is found.
18. Sandwell Leisure Trust may email you from the Swim School HomePortal informing you of important upcoming events and changes to your account if you have provided an email address.
19. These terms and conditions may be subject to review and change. Sandwell Leisure Trust reserves the right to change these conditions when appropriate. Any changes will be displayed at the Leisure Centres and displayed on the website.
Swim Academy Direct Debit Terms and Conditions

1. Direct Debit memberships are for a minimum of three months Direct Debit payments, cancellation within this period will result in an invoice being raised for the outstanding amount.
2. Lesson fees are non-refundable where the pupil has either missed lessons or decided to withdraw from the programme altogether. Lessons run consecutively, the lesson credits will be utilized as each lesson takes place regardless of pupil attendance. In exceptional circumstances the Operations Manager may exercise discretion on credit/s but this would only be on the production of a medical certificate or documentation from a medical centre, hospital or GP.
Refunds will not be issued for non attendance at lessons.
3. SLT Swim Academy discounts will only be available to those who have a valid SLT Concessionary Membership, taking the Direct Debit option to pay.
4. Should any member cancel their Direct Debit without notice an invoice will be raised for any outstanding amount.
5. A £12.50 ‘compensation for default’ is charged for collecting unpaid Direct Debits.
6. Suspension of Direct Debit payment will only be considered where a child/adult cannot attend because of a medical condition. All requests must be put in writing to the Operations Manager with evidence supporting the request.
7. Direct Debit payments will be taken on or around 1st of each month. 
8. An Initial cash bridging payment of £20.92 will be required when enrolling to pay for lessons until first Direct Debit payment. This period varies dependant on joining time and may be more or less than a month. The 1st Direct Debit payment will be adjusted to take into account the initial cash bridging payment & the amount of lessons taken before the 1st Direct Debit.
9. Cancellation of SLT Swim Academy Direct Debits will only be accepted in writing. 30 days’ notice prior to the payment date must be given. If 30 days’ notice is not received a full payment will be collected the following month and no refunds will be issued. Please go www.slt-leisure.co.uk to complete the online cancellation form or email memberships@slt-leisure.co.uk and cancel the direct debit with your bank.
10. The monthly Direct Debit fee includes closures that are out of the control of Sandwell Leisure Trust. No refunds will be issued for these days.
11. For planned closure days and Bank Holidays, future direct debit payments will be adjusted to reflect these closures. 
12. The monthly DD payment is based on 50 weeks to take into account the Christmas closure period each year.
13. Each member/child will need their own Direct Debit mandate. Please note SLT will not be responsible for any bank charges that may result in non payment of Direct Debits.
14. Customers will be notified in writing via email (if provided) regarding the schedule of payments.

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