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How old does my child need to be to start Swimming Lessons?

We start swimming lessons with children from the age of three years old.

The class that your child is in is determined by their ability, not their age. If you are unsure which class they should be in,

please contact the Centre to arrange a free swim assessment.

Will the teacher be in the water with my child?

If your child is in a Stanley class there will always be a teacher in the water. Once your child progresses to Octopus 1

upwards, it is often more beneficial for the teacher to deliver a lesson from the poolside as they have a better view of your

child’s technique and will be better able to identify areas for improvement. Your child’s safety is of paramount importance

to us so if our teachers see the need; they will be in the water with children in the class.

What do I need to bring to Swimming Lessons?

  • Swimming costumes.
  • Hat and/or goggles if your child feels comfortable in these but they aren’t absolutely essential.
  • Towel

What happens if I forget my child’s swimming costume or goggles?

We sell Costumes, Googles and Towels within the reception area at the Centre.

How long will it take my child to progress?

Progress will vary with each swimmer and it depends on their skills and experience.

If a swimmer has had pre-school or Parent and child lessons then he/she may progress through the Octopus series faster

because they will have developed confidence in the water and be familiar with the environment. You always have access

to Homeportal so you can see what skills your child is working. 

What is the duration of the lesson?

Up to 30 minutes.

Is there a specific week I can enroll my child?

No, we have continuous enrolment so you can join at any time through the year.

What payment methods do you do?

We have a direct debit option at £21.25 per month and we have a 12 week block option for £65.64 per block. 

Is my child allowed to wear jewellery? 

No jewellery is allowed – This includes stud earrings. 

What level are the Teachers qualified to?

All of our teachers are qualified to either STA full teacher’s certificate or ASA level two. They also hold a rescue

qualification. There will always be a lifeguard on the pool in addition to your teacher also. 

Do you have breaks in the school holidays?

No we run the swim academy 50 weeks of the year. We have a 2 week break at Christmas.

What are the ratios of the classes?

Stanley classes are 8:1, Octopus 1 to Angelfish 3 classes are 12:1 and Shark classes upwards are 16:1.

What class will my child start in?

If your child is a complete beginner and is age 4 to 5 years old they will start in a Stanley beginner class.

If your child is a beginner and is 5 years old upwards they will start in an Octopus 1 class. If your child has had

previous aquatic ability you will be offered a free swim assessment.

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