Share Your 2012 Moment...

Share Your 2012 Moment

We want everyone to share their 2012 moment, let us know if you have a story to share at
'I was lucky enough to attend many Olympic events including the 200 metres final which was amazing ,however my best memory and one of the highlights of my life was seeing my wonderful mother Jessica Gripton carry the Olympic torch through West Bromwich .All her family ,friends and members of Old Hill tennis club are so proud of her.' - Judith Lloyd
'It has to be the praise for the volunteers from the head of the IOC London 2012 forgotten heroes.' - Tim Jones
'It was Mo Farah running 1000m then having the strength to run the 5000m what a legend' - Melanie Bithell
'For me, it wasn't just about the athletes, it was seeing children/families be part of something that united everybody and proud to be part of TEAM GB :-)' - Julie Caddick
'After the men's 200m, hearing Mr. Blake say how grateful he was to the people of Birmingham for looking after them! It was very humbling!' - Lily Kaur
'Nicola Adams' performance, not just because she overcame her arch rival and number one seed not even because she made history by winning the first women's gold ever in boxing, all these circumstances were accidents of fate beyond her contro. Mostly because of her infectious attitude shone through in what too many male boxers try to make a malicious and violent discipline her love for boxing was the thing that stood out. The story of her accidentally finding boxing as a girl and following her passion to Olympic gold was in every sense inspriational' - Karl Blick
'Loved every second that I was able to watch but the most memorable part for me was watching the judo silver medalist Gemma Gibbons looking up to the sky with an "I love you Mom" all of team GB poured their heart and soul into the games and made our footballers look like overpaid underachievers' - Stephen Clee
'For me it was the relationship between all of the Olympians. Yes, there was competitiveness, but you could see there was also friendships formed across the countries taking part. Everyone came together and it was the best Olympics I have ever seen' - Claire Sabin
'I was lucky enough to go and watch a game of handball and I know so many people did not have the opportunity to do so. I feel the best moment for me was when Mo thanked his school PE teacher that really brought it home to me that YES that is actually where it all starts, we need to look at all our youngsters and help them any way we can to create our athletes of the future. So when i'm back in schools after my maternity leave I will be inspiring a generations and helping them with all I possibly can' - Paula Toni Foster
'I think all the games have been fantastic, my favourite moment of it all was seeing the torch come through West Bromwich and blind Dave who let us all hold his torch, my granddaughter also won tickets to the Paralympics thanks to BT. My reason why is that all the GB team have done us proud even those that did not get a medal gave their all, and the torch bearers brought the communities together' - Dilys Brown
'My fave memory of London 2012 was simply being in the Olympic park...stepping into the stadium was amazing. But the best moment was watching us win a gold medal and listening to over 80,000 people sign God Save the Queen. Felt like one big team being together was so powerful. Also me falling down the stairs with excitement when somebody got a PB in the hurdles and went on to win gold :)' - Emma Sparrock
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