Portway Reference Group October 2011 Summary

Feedback summary from the Portway Lifestyle Centre Reference Group meeting held on Monday 3 October, Annexe 2, Oldbury Council House, Oldbury, 11am-1.30pm.


Portway Project Team representatives
TD, Operations Manager, Disability services, Sandwell Council
JP, Housing and Social Care Partnerships, Sandwell Council
SW, Communications and Engagement, Sandwell Council
KE, Sandwell Leisure Trust Marketing Team (SLT)
EB, Ice Blue Marketing and Design (web design for SLT)
AP, Ice Blue Marketing and Design

Reference group
MS, Community Development, Sandwell PCT
SW, Ideal for All (third sector Networking Officer)
SB, Sandwell Multicare
PC, Sandwell Parents for Disabled Children
CG, representing carers
JG, representing physical disabilities
AJ, Agewell and community ambassador
TA, Sandwell Visually Impaired
SN, Community Interpreter
PW, Sandwell PCT
MW, The Meadows Sports College
TZ, The Meadows Sports College

Apologies: DP, local resident and member of the Supporting People Community Expert panel.


The meeting began with a general update from TD and SW.
SW reviewed actions agreed at the last meeting and updated the group on what had happened as a result.

Actions completed:

Letter for virtual group members– this has been drafted and SW and team are currently updating the mailing list and contact details for the ‘virtual group’. When this is finalised the update will go out.

Press release for Ideal for all has been sent.
Strengthening engagement with the deaf community and Children’s services– TW, SW and JP had picked this up and it is progressing well. SW noted new attendees from the Meadows Sports College, and TW welcomed them to the group.

SW updated the group on meeting other representatives from Children’s Services. JP, SW and SB, the lead officer for Portway, have also met with officers to ensure someone will attend the strategic group for Portway.

Filming project– some promotional filming work has started, and it is hoped some new footage of a reference group member speaking about Portway will be available soon on Sandwell Leisure Trust’s website.

Strategic group- SN now attends this group as a reference group representative.

Roundtable Discussions

The meeting covered two roundtable discussion topics.
One group engaged in detailed discussion about ‘Making Portway a welcoming place for all’. This looked at information SLT would include on their website, and other formats needed, when creating materials for people to plan their customer journey to Portway. This would include planning transport, arriving at the centre getting around the centre and taking part in activities.

The second group explored the role of the Disability Manager. JP explained that this role will be newly created to co-ordinate engagement with disability, special interest groups and other stakeholders, champion disability at a strategic level and work with a arrange of diverse stakeholders to ensure Portway runs smoothly and delivers what it is being set up to achieve. This group discussed what the main priorities should be for the Disability manager, and the benefits they thought the role could have for people with disabilities.

Actions agreed

• Pilot a ‘customer journey’ with reference group volunteers with different disabilities to attend Tipton sports Academy. They will report back on what they found easy or challenging, and any recommendations for what could improve the process of accessing a leisure centre and the facilities it will offer. MB and JP to arrange, with support from SW.

• Query about personal budgets: The reference group would like to know if individual’s personal budges will account for accessing leisure opportunities in Portway in future. Will people responsible for allocating this be aware? TD to look into.

• Continue to work on the customer journey materials with SLT colleagues and reference group members. Build in user testing to new website information to ensure accessible. SN, SW and SLT marketing team.

Focus group feedback: The Disability Manager post

Here is a link to a summary of the discussion by the Reference Group.

Focus group feedback: Making Portway a welcoming place for everyone

Here is a link to a summary of the discussion by the Reference Group.
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