Portway Reference Group March 2012 Summary

Portway Reference Group March 2012 Summary
Feedback summary from the Portway Lifestyle Centre Reference Group meeting held on Friday 23 March 2012, The Training and Development Centre, Oldbury 9.45am –1.30pm.

The meeting began with an update from the project team, followed by questions and answers and roundtable discussion on 3 areas:
Accessibility statements: we looked at statements to ‘measure’ what we have done right, and what else can be put in place to make Portway an accessible and inclusive place. This will fit with the risk register for the project now that accessibility is a standing item.
Training and induction: we revisited discussions from previous meetings to build on ideas of what excellent training should look like, who may need it, and resources required.
The Portway opening ceremony- what would make this a fantastic ceremony for Sandwell residents to enjoy?
Our accessibility statements/discussion
We agreed an overall statement should include ‘empowering and independence’, as this covers so much, and is what we as a reference group champion.
“Make sure we have an accessible building that people with disabilities can use with as much independence as possible.”
Maintaining user involvement and further discussion about the Disability PADO role was also discussed and all feedback carefully recorded. Actions were agreed to further session shape the Access Statements at the next meeting.
Training and induction discussion
Actions were agreed to feed reference group suggestions into work via the Commutations’ Group for Portway, to shape web-based induction information and signposting, and identify what other resources or may be needed.
Events’ calendar discussion
In addition to planning how we can link in to further activities already taking place, it was agreed a networking event might be useful to arrange later in the year, for sharing information effectively across various organisations to promote key messages about Portway.
The Portway opening ceremony
We agreed that this event should help to engender ‘pride in our area’ and a sense of ‘something for everyone’!
A ‘summer’ theme with outdoors activity taking place was discussed and actions agreed to follow suggestions up at the Communications and Engagement Group for Portway.

Questions and comments from the meeting are also being taken to this group to help us add and refresh our existing frequently asked questions.


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