Portway Reference Group January 2010 Summary

Feedback summary from the Reference Group discussion in January 2010 for the Portway Lifestyle Centre.

Thank you for attending our meeting on Monday 17 January with the Portway Lifestyle centre reference group. This was a follow up to the sessions held on Tuesday 15 and Thursday 17 December 2009, to review comments, questions and actions from these.

Feedback Summary

A roundtable discussion took place with project group representatives, the architect and reference group members. We focussed on several areas inside the centre:

  • The wet change areas
  • The dry change areas
  • The dog spent corridor
  • The sports hall accessibility

We all agreed we must carefully consider the different needs of everyone involved in the new centre when making final decisions about the interior areas.
This included how the facilities would be used by Adult Services and Health, Sandwell Primary Care Trust (PCT) and leisure users for different purposes. This could affect decisions about issues such as having more changing rooms, or making them bigger instead.

We discussed access to the wet change areas, how many changing cubicles were needed and how much space we had. The main points from the reference group was to make sure people’s dignity was maintained, and that centre users could access the changing room as independently as possible. We looked at space requirements for wheelchair users, for example making sure the chair could turn around in the changing rooms.

We also looked at the dry change areas, where lockers would be spaced, making sure doors where in the right place and at the right width, and what facilities were needed, such as accessible hair dryers.

The dog spent corridor was discussed, including details about how this could be kept clean, accessed independently, and where the most suitable location could be.

We also talked about access to the sports hall, making sure the doors were in the right place, and how to make sure they weren’t opened directly onto the sports hall when in use as this was a health and safety issue.

What will happen next.

The project team will round up the views discussed around the table and the architect will look at any further changes that could be made to the plans for the centre. The developer will be working on proposals for the exterior of the building, looking at locations for seating, parking and drop off areas.

This will then be fed back to the reference group and you will be invited to attend another session early this Spring.

Everyone agreed they are looking forward to moving on with the project, although some of the reference group participants felt it was important that time was taken to make sure the design for the centre takes as many needs into consideration as possible.

Where to find out more

While you’re there, you can also have your say by posting a question or a comment on our Portway discussion on Chat Sandwell.

For more information, contact Stephen Horsley on 0121 569 5515 or email info@slt-leisure.co.uk.

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