Portway Reference Group February 2012 Summary

The Portway Lifestyle Reference Group February 2012 Summary

Meeting held on Wednesday 8 February, the Training and Development Centre, Oldbury, 10am – 1.30pm.

SB, Sandwell Council
AF, Sandwell Council
JP, Sandwell Council
AJ, Sandwell Council

SN, Community Interpreter
DP, Community Representative
LB, Sandwell Deaf Community association
JG, Tividale Family Practice patient
TA, Sandwell Visually Impaired
SB, Sandwell Multicare
TZ, The Meadows
MW, The Meadows

Notes from workshop discussions
The following are suggestions made by the reference group. We used post-it notes to record your views and suggestions as part of our detailed discussions. Many of these comments reflected and reinforced earlier statements from workshops held over the past couple of years. This means we should be putting in place as much as we possibly can to make the centre an accessible building.
We have grouped your suggestions under the relevant headings where possible. All views expressed will be carefully recorded, and will continue to feed into our important work to make Portway a welcoming and accessible place for everyone.
Planning transport to the centre
What do we need?
Bus services need to be accessible: 126, 128, 138 routes.
Contract with third sector and Transport company to ensure accessible routes and drivers are disability aware? Community transport needs to be involved/charities.
Deaf/Blind users can experience difficulty using transport because of communication barriers.
Transport must be flexible, easily accessible, and cheap! Ring and Ride need to be involved.
Groups using the centre could hire transport between them?
Real time display of information to enable people to access the centre and plan their routes.
Disability awareness programme needed for transport providers?
‘Colour codes’ on transport routes that link to the centre, (E.g. the green route).
Could there be tarmac form bus stops to centre so you know you are going the right way if you are visually impaired?

Communication with deaf/blind users essential.

Timetables/info in Makaton symbols needed (used by many SEN Young people).
PADO would have a support and co-ordination role to help ensure transport was accessible.
Co-ordination at Portway – support should be based at the centre. Discuss activity schedule with SLT.

Develop Access Strategy Group to ensure needs are met and progress is monitored. Dedicated support in place at the centre– facilitation by third sector or volunteers?

Ring and Ride training for people who cannot talk would be helpful.

Satellite navigation and landmark needed.

Hearing impaired pictures – Stop 1 or 3rd stop from town.  Small maps would help.
Planning the journey from home
What information do we need?
Induction information, disability booklet including other leisure centres info.

Special schools and presentations at schools.

Information in different formats.

GP surgery user groups, info pack at GP Surgery / hospitals.

Visually impaired group session / induction important, use Talking newspaper to reach large audience.

Social worker/key worker referral.

Third sector and Comms Group provide accessible information.
IT can act as a barrier if not accessible; also can be a barrier for older people.
Virtual tour on website needed.

Induction more than once for users, ensure everyone understands the ethos and inclusivity of the centre.

Time limits: build in flexibility for activities and sessions to meet people’s different needs.
Info needs to be passed on to social workers and key workers, so it can be given through reviews (making the most of existing points of contact with service users).

Info shared through support groups, management committees etc.

Needs promoting verbally as well as leaflets in community venues and doctor’s surgeries, website etc.

Maximise use of: Word of month, Launch Event/community events
Arrival at the Centre
Free standing rolling info board at reception.
Information at the bus stop.
Pictorial information needed with colour contrast.
Footpath edge change in texture.
Be consistent: same process throughout design.
Landmarks directions.
Meet and greet.
Large sign posts with large font and good contrast.
Leaflet for direction, use of colours, directional information, Plan English.
LD use colours and numbers.
Different textured flooring for left, right, centre and different colours on centre map.
Information in Sign language needs to be very visual
What’s not available medium/long term from SLT
Very important: disability awareness training for all centre staff!
Medication information and staff need awareness of conditions such as Diabetes for example.
A potential Buddying scheme – PADO to develop?
Activities at the centre
Signposting clear and pictorial.
Texture and colour zoning important for way finding.
LD requirements need to be fully understood and met.
Induction to cover about picking up points.
Medication information: staff need awareness of conditions such as Diabetes for example.
Very Important: React boxes.
Seated and non-seating changing areas to be marked.
Automatic opening doors.
Locker mechanisms need auto closer.
No loop system in the changing room?

What happens next?
Reception staff need the right information to pass on, to enable users with all different disabilities and needs (LD, PD etc) to access the centre independently.

A potential Buddying scheme – something for the PADO to develop if possible?

Taxi driver’s need awareness about dropping people off/collecting them from designated areas (i.e. reception).

Portway must be part of the Safe Places Scheme: SLT and GP staff need awareness of the scheme.

Induction information to include getting back to home after using the centre.
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