Portway Reference Group August 2011 Summary

Feedback summary from the Reference Group discussion in August 2011 for the Portway Lifestyle Centre. Meeting held on Wednesday 31 August, the Training and Development Centre, Oldbury, 11am – 1.30pm.

Feedback Summary

A presentation was delivered by members of the Project team, SW and TD, to update the Reference Group on the progress of the project.

This included:

Public Information sessions throughout September.
The closure of Oldbury Leisure Centre in October 2011.
Construction work due to start early next year.

Terms of Reference

Terms of Reference have now been seen by the project Strategic Group and approved.

Public information sessions

Information sessions have been held the local community throughout September 2011. This is to raise awareness of Portway, and give up to date information verbally. Simple questionnaires are also being used to get a ‘snap shot’ of local people’s opinions about Portway. This will also be a tool to help us look at future communication needs, and help build our growing ‘Frequently asked questions’.
The information sessions have been held at Sandwell Council House, Oldbury Leisure Centre, Lion Farm, Oldbury Library in Jack Judge House, Tividale Family Practice and Sainsbury’s in Oldbury.

Attendees discussed rolling out the sessions across the Borough if work in Oldbury is successful. All agreed to extend promotion to other groups and organisations, such as faith groups.

The following actions were then agreed:

A letter would go out to virtual group members to give an update about Portway.
The latest press release would go to Ideal for All for their newsletter.

Work will start with Sandwell Leisure Trust and reference group members to look at new information for the website.

Taster sessions for reference group members to try out gym equipment themselves at other SLT venues will also be looked into. They would give people an opportunity to sample activities which will be provided at Portway.

Open days for Day Services and other people with Learning Disabilities will also be picked up. More engagement work will also take place with the deaf community.

An opportunity to join the Supporting People annual event on 23 September was also discussed.

Promotional materials

The new information leaflets for Portway were shared with the group. The People Communications Team at Sandwell Council can be contacted using the email address on the back of the leaflet for information in alternative formats.

Filming project

Discussion took place about using film as a way of improving communication and engagement. The objective of a mini filming project involving reference group members and the project team is to follow the progress of work around Portway, and the resulting footage can be used on the SLT the website and for future presentations.

Interactive ‘induction’ and access information

Portway induction materials will be created, starting with a workshop at the next group meeting to agree information needs. This is to enable people to plan their visit to Portway Lifestyle Centre as independently as possible. There is also work to be done to ensure staff are aware of disabled people’s needs. The group discussed having most information available on the website, and in other formats customised to people’s needs.

Strategic Group representation

A reference group representative has now been elected to represent the Reference Group.

Other actions agreed:

Meetings will be re-booked in a smaller room as the hall wasn’t very warm.
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