Portway A Welcoming Place For Everyone

Focus group feedback: Making Portway a welcoming place for everyone

A range of marketing materials and information would be preferable, in accessible formats such as film footage, audio and printed information as well as web based information.

Website information

Induction support pages.

Information on other services/organisations available and signposting information.

Opening times and activity schedule.

Contact details for the teams who can meet communications needs:
• phone
• Fax
• Email
• many people who are deaf or hard of hearing prefer text!
• sign language film footage?
• where to get information in other languages

Information about Portway staff team, ‘meet the team’/who’s who.

Accessible phone numbers e.g. 0121 numbers rather than 0845 or 0870.

A virtual guide to the Centre needed on the website.

Clear information should be available about booking procedures: larger groups will need block bookings for example– when the individual will get the time slot – leads to issues around safety, transport.

Admission info for carers, do they have to pay if they are supporting someone with a disability not using the facilities themselves?

Images and film footage if possible showing people doing activities and using sports equipment confidently. This could also show people receiving support/advice from friendly and approachable staff.

Links to other local organisations and clubs, schools/colleges.

Information about GP referrals – everyone wants a timeslot!

Information about Leagues based at Portway.

Could we have Paralympics Ambassadors to champion for us and give statements on the website?

Transport information

Would it be possible to have information about timings of activities/classes matched to public transport?

Information about public transport training for people with learning disabilities.

Could Ring and Ride get involved?

Inside the centre

Centre ‘Welcome’ signage very important as it is the first thing you will see or encounter.

Communication – Staff to be aware of different communication methods, such as Makaton, verbal, written.
• Braille signage
• Navigation tools
• Use of textures and colours to create a welcoming environment for people with complex disabilities, visual impairment etc.

A warm, welcoming reception – more than one person on reception if possible, trained to put people at ease.

Staff would need training, disability awareness e.g. sign language.

Maybe use volunteers?

Reception – touch screen or leaflets in relevant format.

Telephone: will it be automated or will it have its own number (not a machine)

Promote user feedback about Portway, through ‘You said, we did’ notice boards for example– negative and positive.

Transport General

Can we work with bus companies to make sure they are accessible for disabled peoples needs? Drivers should be given disability awareness training.

Info could also be available in bus shelters near to Portway for people who are disabled.

Working with Ring and Ride to make sure they are fully participating and are aware of the needs of the people who will be using the Centre

Making Portway an inclusive centre

Working with local community and special interest groups:

Visit Church groups, community centres, luncheon clubs to give these groups slots on the timetable

Show disabled people how to use the Centre and supporting them to become ambassadors, they are the biggest advocates.

Visit private gyms to see what they are offering – market research, possibly learn something from them?

Access to the centre
A process is needed for enabling youngsters to ‘train’ to be able them to access transport, leisure centres etc independently. Taster sessions/school visits will be important.

Equipment and activities should be bespoke – not just what is thought to be useful, but what is used.

Staff training – how to deal with disabilities and behaviours is essential.

Establish clubs – that have a standard related to disability.

Groups for parents and carers – so that they can access IT or cookery courses etc whilst youngsters took part in sport.

Consistency is so important– building up trust of parents and people with disabilities.
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