Feedback The Disability Manager Post

Focus group feedback: The Disability Manager Post

Reference group priorities:
Strategic development of a training program around equality and diversity for staff who will work at The Portway Lifestyle Centre.

Engaging disabled people in this training is essential.

The Disability Manager should champion disability and ensure this training takes place. Also a monitoring role.

Reaching out to seldom heard and hard to reach communities. (Deaf community would need information in accessible formats such as BSL for example).

Mapping what is already out there- disability sports, activities, communities of interest. Carrying out gap analysis work.

Developing networking with stakeholder groups.

Working closely with Portway management to ensure issues are raised and actions taken to make sure Portway will be welcoming and inclusive such as reviewing pricing policies and ensuring equipment is up to date.

Being able to challenge and drive change.

Key benefits

One point of contact and co-ordinating role to ensure everyone with disabilities can access sports and leisure opportunities in Sandwell.

Encourage and promote physical activity for people with disabilities to help prevent existing conditions getting worse. Improve wellbeing.

Have knowledge and awareness of people’s different communications needs. Example: for people with Autism, it may take longer to encourage them to change their existing routine.

Ensure that staff at Portway promote the ethos of inclusivity, and ensure interaction is maintained between people with and without disabilities at the centre.

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