Mermaid Advance experience

Mermaid Advance experience

Our Mermaid Advance experience is an ideal gift, for the child who wants to immerse themselves in the magical world of mermaids, who has already completed the initial mermaid level 1 & 2 experiences.

Our fully qualified Mermaid instructors will deliver a fun two day experience with each day lasting for one and a quarter hours (small pool day 1/ large pool day 2). This advanced class is more skill based and you will learn about sequencing & deep water skills. This course will help any mermaid perfect their skills and how to compete against other mermaids.

Each child will receive:- 

• Full Safety briefing by our Mermaid team

• Loan of Mermaid tail

• Mermaid certificate

• Two day course (each day consisting of one and a quarter hours of fun)

• Mermaid skills, games and activities in the pool delivered by our fully trained Mermaids

• Advanced mermaid sessions include more of the technical side of teaching such as:

-          Sequencing

-          Deep water skills

-          Competition skills

Please note there will be opportunities throughout the session for parents to take photos of their children, however as with other levels have been completed this will be a full pool based session and the mermaid screen will not be in situation as per the initial photo shoot.

Please note our Mermaid experience is designed for competent swimmers, before booking please ensure that your child can complete all of the following;

• The child who’ll be taking part is at least 6 years of age and no older than 12 years of age.

• The child can swim 25 meters comfortably, without stopping.

• Are able to submerge their face fully without holding onto anything.

• Can lift their knees and to do a full 360 degree turn, both forwards and backwards.

• Are able to tread water in both shallow and deep parts of the pool.

• Can swim underwater for at least 5 metres using an undulating movement.

• Levels 1 & 2 must have been completed to enroll on this session.

By purchasing a place on this programme you are confirming your child can complete all of the above. Refunds will not be given when children arrive for the session and can’t meet the required standards. 

Cancellations are not permitted under any circumstances except when a medical professional note is provided


Tuesday 20th August 10am - 11.15am & Wednesday 21st August 1pm - 2.15pm (£30.00) - 2 Day Course

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