Workout out on the Minute, for real results

Workout out on the Minute, for real results

If you're short on time, but still want a great workout that will deliver results then try using EMOM when planning your next workout.

EMOM or Every Minute On the Minute workouts are popular with Crossfitter’s however this style of workout can be used by anyone for any workout goal.

The basic premise of the workout is you start a new round or set of your chosen exercise or exercises at the start of every new minute, you then use the rest of the minute to rest and recover. Typically EMOM workouts should last between 10-30 minutes, however if your technique starts to deteriorate then you should stop the workout and perhaps re-look at the exercises you choose and the reps and weights you picked.

Why Is EMOM Popular?

It is a simple training structure to follow, which helps to minimise wasted time at the gym. Not only that, but the rest time allows you to achieve better quality reps each time and manage your tiredness so you can make more gains or burn more calories.

Can You Do An EMOM Workout With Weights?

EMOM workouts are particularly great for weightlifting based workouts. The rest period allows you to perfect your form and build up excellent habits even as you are pushing yourself and progressing. This, in turn, will minimise injury and fatigue.

The general rule for selecting your weights is to half your rep maximum. To use a recommended muscle building structure as an example, use your 10 rep maximum load and do 5 reps every minute.

However the basic principles can also carry over to body weight exercises and even more traditional cardio exercises like crosstrainer or bike.

Can You Only Do One Exercise At A Time?

Not at all. While the timing structure should always remain the same, the exercises can change each minute if necessary for your workout. Some people alternate between muscle groups, e.g odd minutes are box jumps and even minutes are push-ups. Or creating a mini circuit like 2 burpees, 5 jumping jacks and 2 tricep dips can be really effective.

Looking for more intensity?

A great way to add more intensity to the principal are EMOM ladders, simply select your exercise but increase the target reps every minute. Next time you’re in the gym give EMOM a try!

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