What Fitness wearable should you buy?

What Fitness wearable should you buy?
Cost is a factor, however making sure the piece you’ve brought is suitable for how you like to exercise is also important. Getting this right means you’re much more likely to use it and reach your goals.

Here are 4 pieces of tech that you might want to consider….
MyZone, uses an app and a chest strap to track and measure effort. The harder or longer you work the more MEPs you attain. Set a monthly target and start gaining your MEPs! Has a social network side so you can create groups to share and compare performance. Good for people serious about results and like lots of information about their workouts.
FitBit, the go to brand for wearables. With lots of choice from the entry level zip which tracks steps, calories and distance up to the surge which gives more exercise data. Supported by it’s own free app. An excellent lifestyle wearable.
Jawbone, budget price point means this device is accessible to lots of people,3 models available and supported by a free app, makes jawbone a great entry level wellness device.
Beast sensor, Most fitness devices measure heart rate and steps, however Beast sensor is the one of the few trackers that’s focus on measuring strength training performance.