Wednesbury’s Cheyenne tells us why Spin Sessions are great for outdoor cyclists ?

Wednesbury’s Cheyenne tells us why Spin Sessions are great for outdoor cyclists ?

Wednesbury Leisure Centre's Spin instructor Cheyenne tells us why Spin sessions are great for us outdoor cyclists.

1) Control: No Wind. No Stop Lights. No Traffic.

The biggest benefit is the opportunity to get the most out of a structured session. Riding indoors provides a super consistent, measured environment. It’s the best way to free yourself from interruption – cars, stop signs and lights, wind.

When you need to get the most out of your time, absolutely, the best place is inside. If you’re targeting heart rate or power zones, you’ll get the consistency you need. If you really looking to monitor then consider a MyZone belt as these will be able to track effort level, heart rate and log workouts accuratel.

2) Efficiency: Get the Most Out Of Your Session

Indoors you not only eliminate the natural elements, but you also never have to stop pedaling. Sounds obvious right, but on the road, you’ll stop… and start again, coasting on the downhills, ultimately breaking your session. Indoors, for the same length of time, you’ll do a whole lot more pedaling, meaning you could actually ride for less time, with more total benefit.

3) No Limitations

There’s no such thing as bad weather indoors. SLT offer Spin session at Haden Hill leisure Centre, Smethwick Swimming Centre & Wednesbury Leisure Centre. There are many option in these classes from early morning, daytime or evening.

Haden Hill LC & Smethwick SC’s (coming soon) My-ride can you feel & images of the open road & an additional test if required.

4) Better Together

The power of riding as part of a group Spin session is a huge motivator. Our team of instructors will motivate you to achieve your goals in a fun & friendly manner.

Riding sessions with your friends helps you all find inspiration, plus you’re much less worried about matching your speed with the rest of the pack if you’re just getting started. Safety comes in to it as well with no cars for the pack to negotiate and if it’s a 6am hard session on the cards, others around you make it much easier to push yourself and hit that goal.

The feeling of being in the outdoors is different, but the two work nicely together and a combination of both means you’re going to see the gains in your training strategy.