Wednesbury Leisure Centre members complete Myzone yellow challenge

Wednesbury Leisure Centre members complete Myzone yellow challenge

Myzone users at Wednesbury Leisure Centre recently took part in a yellow Myzone challenge which saw the group earn over 20,000 MEPS and burn over 50,000 calories. The two week challenge was to earn the most MEP points in the yellow zone as possible. 

The Yellow zone indicates 80-89% of maximal heart rate and is achieved through vigorous/high intensity activity.  You earn 4 MEPs per minute in the YELLOW zone, meaning competitors had to put in the work to get the points. Site Fitness Co-ordinator Brogan Needham said ‘We were encouraging members to push beyond their barriers to show them what they can achieve by pushing that little bit harder in their workouts.’

31 Myzone users took part and achieved an impressive amount of time in the yellow zone. The winner of the challenge was Sophie Howell who scored an impressive 1,840 MEPS in only two weeks. She won a goodie bag of protein drinks, snacks and natural energy drinks.

If you want to take part in the next one future Myzone challenges will be announced on the Wednesbury Leisure Centre Facebook page

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