Wednesbury Leisure Centre Gym Reopens to Members

Wednesbury Leisure Centre Gym Reopens to Members

(Update 02/01/2024: The Gym is now open as normal to all users.)

On Saturday 23rd December, Wednesbury Leisure Centre re-opened its gym to its loyal members following a transformation project in partnership with Pulse Fitness.

The comprehensive makeover includes:-

  • An expanded free weights area, featuring more benches, plate load equipment, and additional cable machines.
  • Opportunity to experience the ultimate full-body workout with the new Speedflex Blade – a versatile fitness solution suitable for everyone.
  • A new revamped functional area and indulge in various workout options.
  • Brand new indoor cycles for a dynamic cardio experience.
  • Redecoration of all fitness studios.

Simon Bryan, Wednesbury Leisure Centre Manager, commented:

"We’re really looking forward to welcoming back current members and inviting new customers into our fully refurbished Gym & Fitness facilities.

We have listened to our customers and hope that they enjoy their new gym experience."

If you would like a free tour of facilities, please click the button below and our team will be in touch.


What will happen to bookings with the gym team?

During this period, no bookings with the gym team will be available, as the Gym Staff’s focus will be helping to aid and assist customers with getting used to the new equipment, and with tours.

Will the gym be open as usual during the event?

Our opening times will vary during the festive period. You can view our Christmas opening hours online. 

When will the gym be open to the public?

From 2nd January 2024 the Gym will be open as usual to all users, including re-introduction of bookings with the gym team. 

Who can access the gym between 23rd - 31st December?

All existing members will be able to use and access the gym. However, we welcome non-members for tours of facilities and if they should sign up to a membership they will be able to access the gym during this period.