Ways to stay focused during your workout

Ways to stay focused during your workout

Distraction can stop you making the most and getting the most out of your workouts. Here are a few ways that you can prevent zoning out and maximise your time and workout.

Pick the right time – You need to schedule in your workout during a time that you can dedicate all of your energy to it. Sometimes worrying about the day’s events can negatively influence your workout so make sure you pick a time when you’re most enthusiastic and energetic.

Music makes the workout -  A playlist can alter your attitude and give you that well needed boost. Many great athletes workout to music and it gives them great results.

Concentrate on form – If you focus on the execution of your workout it gives you sole focus on the exercise. This can stop you from letting your mind wander and will give you great results!

Train with a partner (a focused one) – Although a gym buddy can create a distraction there are people who will encourage you and push your workout. If you know someone who is completely focused while working out they may be a valuable workout buddy.

Keep a workout log –
Whether it’s through an app or manually it’s always helpful to keep track of your exercise and this in turn will keep you on track. This can even be done through fitness wear such as a Myzone belt which gives you accurate feedback on every workout.

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