Top 5 gym excuses and how to conquer them

Top 5 gym excuses and how to conquer them

Often talking yourself out of going to the gym? You’re not alone, everybody has moments where excuses get in the way of gym sessions or fitness classes are missed. Below are the most common excuses for gym-skipping and ways to combat these reasons.

1.       Feeling tired.

One of the most common excuses is tiredness, whether you feel physically or mentally drained it can be a factor in not attending the gym. It may be time to look at your diet and water intake, ask yourself whether you are eating enough food, make sure you’re getting a good intake of fruit and vegetables the day of your workout and you may not feel as tired. Keep hydrated all day to keep energy levels up. If you’re struggling with lethargy during your workout it might be worth keeping track of when you’re most energetic in the day and switching your workout time around.

2.       Finding the gym boring.

If this is the reason you’re avoiding a fitness session it might be time to switch up your workout routine. Try out a new group fitness class or piece of equipment you never would have tried to get out of this fitness rut.

3.       Having no time.

It can be hard to fit fitness into your schedule and a lot of people struggle to find time, but exercise is a necessity that should be pencilled into your diary. Try to treat exercise as a meeting or essential event and it may be easier to find time than you think.

4.       Bad Weather.

The days are getting colder and as you layer up it can be hard to find motivation to go to the gym or a class. It may be easier to cosy up in front of the fire than get out and get active but fitness has no time off and exercising is one of the best ways to keep warm.

5.       Aching from the last gym session.

Sometimes muscle ache from a tough session can last more than a few days. It can be tough to hit the ground running when you still feel like you’re recovering but a little gentle exercise can help. If your legs are aching try switch to exercises that focus on your abs or arms and vice versa. Of course rest days are always recommended as they will help you recover and get back to your regular routine.

These excuses can get in the way of your fitness goals, talk to a member of our fitness team and they can give you some well needed advice to help you along the way.

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