Tipton Leisure Centre Gym Challenge: March 2024

Tipton Leisure Centre Gym Challenge: March 2024

The monthly gym challenges at Tipton Leisure Centre continue to create healthy competition amongst participants. 

The new challenge for March is to complete 4km using the cross trainer. The winner will be whoever completes the distance in the shortest time.

Between 20-30 members usually take part each month with new participants joining all the time. Since the current gym challenge season started last September, the 2 most successful participants are: Debbie, who has won two challenges (Tricep Dips and The Plank) and Craig (pictured) who has also won two challenge (Cycling and Rowing).

If you would like to take part in the gym challenges, or require further information please speak to Markus or any member of the gym team at Tipton Leisure Centre.