Tips for sticking to your New Year’s resolution

Tips for sticking to your New Year’s resolution

February is on the horizon and at this point in the month New Year’s resolutions can seem a distant past. If you’re lacking enthusiasm with your New Year’s resolutions or want to get back on track here are some tips. 

Stick to simple and realistic resolutions

If your resolution is a large life change jumping into the change too fast can cause you to burn out too quickly. Reflect and assess if your goal is healthy and attainable, don’t be worried about if the goal seems too small, it’s not a sprint it’s a marathon. 

Track your progress

Note down the positive changes and progress you’ve made so far, this will motivate you when you look back and you’ll see how far you’ve come.

Tell people about your resolution

By telling others about your new goals you will hold yourself more accountable and create a support system around you.

Don’t give up because you’ve had a bad day/week

If you’ve had a bad day, week or even month this is perfectly normal. Start fresh and remember that slipping up is better than giving up.

Reward yourself

Treat yourself when you reach a certain goal, if you want to stay extra committed don’t reward yourself with something that contradicts your resolution. Create your own personalised rewards jar and take out a reward every time you reach a certain milestone.

Keep going even if you aren’t seeing immediate results

Throughout your resolution there will be times you feel it’s just not working but remember that a habit takes 21 days to create and 6 months to become a personality trait. You will be able to notice the small changes yourself. For example if your resolution is to lose weight, don’t be disheartened if the scales haven’t changed, look for other positive changes.  

It’s a particularly tough year to stick to a resolution so take it slow and remember the goal you are trying to reach. Don’t forget that you still have 11 months left of the year to make a positive change!

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