Three great reasons to hit the weights

Three great reasons to hit the weights

For years when you walked into a free weights gym you’d normally find a group of men working out, but things are changing and changing quickly!
Now you’re as likely to find women Squatting, Curling and Pressing with the men, Why? Because it simply works. These savvy ladies have realised if they want to change the way they look it’s time to jump off the treadmill and hit the weights!
Need convincing here are 3 reasons why you should join the revolution!
1. Faster fat loss
If you want to lose body fat, steady cardio workouts alone are not the best way of going about this in fact they may be hindering your progress.
The more cardio you do the better you get at it, so over time your 5k run gets easier to do so you use less energy doing it, and less energy recovering from it.
Muscles require energy, and the more muscle you have the more energy you’ll burn, not only while you workout but sleeping, at work or just watching TV.
So if you’re interested in fat loss, a high rep Squat workout will build more muscle, send your metabolism into overdrive and have you burning calories long after the workout has finished.
2. You won’t turn into a She-hulk!
Don’t panic! by doing more lifting you’re definitely not going to turn into a bodybuilder overnight!
Men who are specifically training to gain lots of muscle have to work really hard to put lots of muscle on. Men typically also have more of a hormone called testosterone, which aids muscle and strength development. What will happen though is you’ll create a much more toned, firm and shapely appearance than cardio alone give alone. 
3. More than Muscles
Many studies have shown that lifting weights regularly can increase bone density which could reduce future problems such as osteoporosis, as well as having a positive impact on blood sugar levels and cardiac health.
What to do now……
Book a One Plan with one of our Gym team who will write you your very own plan to follow. Alternatively, if you need that extra push and support while you work out book a Motivate session.

Many thanks to Portway Lifestyle Centre member Della Barnsley who kindly supported with use of the photographs.