Smethwick Gym is looking Fit...

Smethwick Gym is looking Fit...
The gym located on Thimblemill Road, Smethwick has created a larger core training area also used for stretching and warming up, installed new window blinds and redecorated.
Kevin Daly, Site Fitness Co-ordinator had this to say,
'We have listened to feedback from our customers and made improvements to our popular fitness gym.' 
'The new larger core space exercise and stretching area has provided more equipment and floorspace which really helps during busy periods.'
'The addition of new window blinds and bringing some colour to the walls has also helped to improve the overall look and feel of the gym.'
'We are always listening to our customers whilst also thinking of ways to improve the service and keep our members coming back for more.'
Contact Smethwick Swimming Centre on 0300 012 0121.

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