SLT keeping customers safe in 2018

SLT keeping customers safe in 2018

Throughout each year at SLT there are a number of incidents, which have required the experience and skill of our employees to deal with a critical situation quickly and effectively. All of these staff were recognised at our recent Staff Learning Together Day.

We wanted to share some of these amazing stories with our members and customers.

At Wednesbury Leisure Centre, a man suffered a cardiac arrest close to the poolside. The team were quick, sounded the red alert swiftly, and pulled the man out of the pool. Staff performed CPR and delivered a shock via the de-fib and after continued efforts the man came around and paramedics arrived shortly. The team dealt with the stressful situation professionally,

Staff on shift - Fiona Roberts, Laura Evans, Kurtis Jones, Jamie Slocombe and Matt Cook as Lifeguards and Mandy Wright as receptionist.

At Tipton Leisure Centre , another man got into difficulty in the pool at TLC, which was spotted by Matteo Bianco. He alerted the other lifeguards and sounded the alarm. Kat Jackson helped along with John Adams and Claire Harris to fetch the de-fib and started resuscitation while Lee Gill called an ambulance. The staff at the hospital informed us that the man had gone into a diabetic coma and suffered a fit while swimming and that if it wasn’t for the team’s quick thinking the man would have passed.

Staff on shift - Matteo Bianco, Katrina Jackson, John Adams, Clare Harris and Lee Gill.

During a routine fire drill a member of staff noticed two males attempting to steal money from the lockers at Langley Swimming Centre . A code red was initiated and other staff assisted, one male ran out of the building while the other became aggressive. The male then climbed out of a window to which the team reacted quickly until the police finally arrived, restrained and arrested the man. The police arrived and the man was attained, he was on bail and is now being charged further. The team showed courage and teamwork despite the difficult situation, they worked hard to protect each other, the public and SLT money.

In September, an 8-year-old boy was run over outside Smethwick Swimming Centre. The boy was struck by a vehicle and sustained a head and arm injury. Rory Wagstaff, Jon Melia, Michelle Ball, Rakul Peterson and Dave Fletcher took immediate action to help the boy. A dressing was held against his head with Rory helping to stabilise his head. Michelle comforted the boy while Jon and Dave did a secondary survey. Rakul did a great job in controlling the crowd that was forming.

The fast response paramedic arrived and confirmed that it was OK for the team to continue their treatment. He checked over the boy and confirmed that there were no critical injuries then the ambulance took the boy to the hospital. The paramedics praised the team for their quick response and use of training.

Staff on shift were Rory, Jon, Michelle, Rakul and Dave but also to the staff throughout the centre who maintained calm while allowing the incident to be dealt with.

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