Sandwell Aquatics Centre Indicative Site Layout

Sandwell Aquatics Centre Indicative Site Layout

Sandwell MBC have released the first picture of the Sandwell Aquatics Centre Indicative Site Layout.  

Sandwell MBC added, ''We're very excited to be able to show you some initial designs for the site of the new aquatics centre in Smethwick.

The new centre will have an Olympic-size swimming pool, diving pool and a community swimming pool as well as other leisure facilities like a gym and fitness studios.

We also want to create an urban park, preserve the trees and walking paths, build new football changing facilities and create a new children's play area.

We're now working on detailed plans and we'll be doing a planning consultation later this year.' 

SLT are proud to be working closely with Sandwell MBC to deliver this exciting development in Smethwick 

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