Ramadan Training Tips

Ramadan Training Tips

Ramadan Mubarak to all our customers. Ramadan is a spiritual month for Muslims all around the world where one abstains from eating and drinking from sunrise to sunset.

Here are some Ramadan eating/training tips given by one of our instructors Suzila who observes the fast every year, and maintains a well balanced diet and continues training during that period: 

Suzila’s Top Tips:

1. Don’t gulp down your water. Sip on your water and aim for minimum 2.5-3litres of water so your body can absorb it properly between sunset and sunrise. 

2. Add pink salt to your water to replenish water levels in your body

3. Try to Avoid caffeine as it can stimulate water loss or try to stick to decaf. The best way to prepare yourself is to start cutting the caffeine a few weeks before Ramadan. 

4. Break your fast on something light such as 2 dates and coconut water. Dates are recommended as they’re full of potassium which helps your muscle and nerves function but be mindful as they're high in sugar.

5. Opt for complex, fibrous, slow release carbs with meals such as; wholegrain rice, potatoes, quinoa as they take longer to break down and provide energy for longer.

6. If you want to train whilst fasting, ideally train an hour or 2 before breaking fast but lower intensity, or after you break your fast.