Pregnancy fitness with Capital Katy

Pregnancy fitness with Capital Katy

Local breakfast radio presenter, Katy Poulsom, has been a member at Smethwick Swimming Centre since starting to use the facility prior to her wedding. Now 25 weeks pregnant, we caught up with Katie to find out how she is still maintaining going to the gym & what exercises are helping.

"At 25 weeks pregnant my bump feels like it’s growing by the second, though I’m determined to keep fit and healthy throughout. My workouts aren’t as intensive as they were before I got pregnant, but I’m still working hard at maintaining core strength and ensuring I’m strong and ready for birth, this should also help with getting back into shape afterwards. Don’t get me wrong I’m not going to be doing sit ups between feeds! I’m not that bothered about sliding back into those pre-baby jeans within a week, but I’d like to be able to start exercising afterwards and feel strong and healthy both for baby and me. "

"My work outs usually start with a 10 minute walk to get the bloody pumping, then I move onto strength training, using the TRX, which I call the ropey things! They are really good at helping you develop core strength whilst also working on balance and flexibility. I like using the TRX because it doesn’t feel like you’re putting too much strain on any one body part at once. I usually conclude my work outs with some light floor exercises, with particular focus to strengthening up my back. Hopefully this will help combat the strain as bump grows and grows."

You can catch Katy on the radio every weekday morning between 6 & 10 am on 102.2 FM.

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