Mental Health Awareness Week: Moving More for Our Mental Health

Mental Health Awareness Week: Moving More for Our Mental Health

Sandwell Leisure Trust (SLT) is proud to support Mental Health Awareness Week, running from May 13th to May 19th, in partnership with the Mental Health Foundation.

This year's theme, "Movement: Moving More for Our Mental Health," highlights the crucial link between physical activity and mental well-being. 

Research shows that regular movement can significantly benefit mental health. By encouraging individuals to incorporate movement into their daily routines, SLT aims to promote positive mental health and improve overall well-being in the community. 

"Movement is a powerful tool for enhancing our mental health," said Mark Braithwaite, CEO at Sandwell Leisure Trust. "Whether it's a brisk walk, a fitness class, a football match, or a swim, physical activity has profound effects on mood, energy levels, and self-esteem." 

Movement is essential for our mental health, yet many of us find it challenging to incorporate enough physical activity into our daily lives.  

During this Mental Health Awareness Week, we are committed to assisting individuals in discovering opportunities for movement within their everyday routines.  

Whether it's taking a stroll in your neighbourhood, dancing to your favourite music in your living room, doing chair exercises while watching television, or activities available in our leisure centres– every form of movement matters! 

"We believe in the importance of creating opportunities for movement that are accessible to everyone," added Mark Braithwaite. "At SLT, we're committed to promoting a healthier, happier community by providing high-quality sport and leisure services." 

SLT's leisure centres are not only places for physical activity but also hubs for building social connections and improving mental well-being. Participating in group activities can strengthen personal relationships and foster a sense of belonging, which are crucial factors in maintaining good mental health. 

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