Meet The Member - Patricia

Meet The Member - Patricia
Can you confirm your full name, occupation and what town you live in?

My full name is Patricia Rich and I live in Tipton.

Tell us about your fitness journey?

My fitness journey started about nine years ago when I first came to SLT for swimming. I then started with Chris doing Aqua fit once a week. I really enjoyed it, so I started booking more Aquafit, then I was asking questions about other classes.  Zumba Gold was my next step with Matt, which really helped me feel much stronger & confident in what I was doing. 

I was now really getting into the fitness journey and added Zumba with Karen to my weekly routine. The more I did the more I wanted to do, but it was costing me a small fortune, so I decided to become a member. I’ve been a member for 8 years and my fitness journey is still growing. I do Glowfit, Aqua Zumba and Body Combat.

My weight loss started after going to doctors and having an MOT examination where I was told I had high blood pressure, borderline diabetic high cholesterol and morbidly obese. They wanted to put me on different medication for the conditions, but I said I’d rather do it in another other way. The answer was clear - lose weight. They got me a twelve-week course with Slimming World, and I lost 9 stone! The combination of a healthy diet and increased exercise changed my life.

Is there any reason you use Tipton Leisure Centre? 

I use Tipton leisure Centre because it is close to where I live but I also use Portway Lifestyle Centre, as I do Glowfit there with Gary.  I also do Glowfit at Tipton with Matt.                                                        

What are your favourite sessions & why? 

I have many favourites in all honestly. Zumba, Aquafit, Aqua Zumba, Glowfit, Zumba Gold and Body Combat are all brilliant classes.

How does SLT meet your needs? 

SLT meets my needs because of the friendly staff and some of the best instructors.                                   

Do you have a favourite instructor who manages to get that extra bit of motivation from you?

My favourite instructor has to be Matt because he absolutely puts his heart and soul into his classes I know when Matt goes faster I want to keep up with him, if Matt goes the extra mile it makes me want to follow him.                                             

What motivates you to keep going?

What motivates me to keep going is the fact that I don't feel my age. I feel comfortable with all the people I work out with, they make me feel young and happy.

Can you offer and advice for anyone thinking of starting a healthier lifestyle?

Yes, just believe you can do this. I have come such a long way on my fitness journey and you can do the same.