Meet The Member - Georgia

Meet The Member - Georgia

Our team had the pleasure of meeting with Portway Lifestyle member Georgia at an early booking Bootcamp. Georgia shared with us her fitness journey story after a brilliant session that took place under a huge late summer rainbow.

Can you confirm your full name, occupation and the town you live in?

My name is Georgia Arapitsa, I am a musculoskeletal physiotherapist working for the NHS and I live in Rowley Regis. Perhaps, you may know that through the NHS service, we offer gym sessions to our patients at Portway every Wednesday and I am actually the team leader of the gym service there.

Tell us about your fitness journey?

I consider myself to be fit as I have been doing exercises since I was a teenager, but always at an amateur level. 

I joined SLT in June 2018. Whilst I had 1.5 year gap due to Covid and maternity, I returned to the centre around January 2022.

I am not one of those who presents with a massive difference in physical appearance through my fitness journey and this never has been my goal.  I exercise because it keeps me healthy and happy. Due to my profession where I prescribe exercises to my patients, I know the various benefits of exercises on a physical, mental and social level. 

Is there a particular reason that you use Portway Lifestyle Centre?

Portway is close to where I live but I like the idea that it is a community gym where all members of the family can be involved in different activities.

It is clean and organised, with friendly staff throughout the centre. I am very familiar now with the instructors, classes and even the gym equipment which make the training there a very relaxing activity for me. 

What are your favourite sessions & why?

I have lots of favourite classes! Gym X takes the 1st place I think, HIIT classes and BODYCOMBAT/BODYBALANCE

How does SLT meet your needs? Have you had any 1 to 1’s?

Definitely, as it has a variety of classes that you can undertake meeting everyone's baselines, family activities with family fitness/swimming lessons for the little ones and other activities such as skating and football. 

I have 1 to 1 sessions when I need further guidance on Deadlifting. 

Do you have a favourite instructor who manages to get that extra bit of motivation from you?

I have 3 instructors that I feel suit me the most in different ways.

Garfield is a fantastic instructor who motivates you to break your limits every time. He is almost military fit and our bootcamp leader.

Luke is very energetic and passes his positive energy through his classes. You cannot go to his classes without leaving with a smile.

Amy is very cool, supportive during the classes and super strong.

What motivates you to keep going?

The team of course, this includes the instructors and the other members of the classes that are always friendly and supportive. I think the one pulls the other to keep attending the classes. your attendance rate is always higher when you have gym buddies. 

Can you offer any advice for anyone thinking of starting a healthier lifestyle?

Go for it! you will have the support you need; you will never feel under pressure for any kind of competition or feeling awkward, and you will definitely meet nice people.

Do you follow SLT on social media, what do you see as the benefits?

Yes. Benefits are to try and promote a healthy lifestyle to others and to educate the public about their options. It is fun as well if you like to upload funny gym Instagram stories, which can be part of your ongoing motivation.