Meet the member: Alice transformed her health and fitness

Meet the member: Alice transformed her health and fitness

Alice decided to make a change to her health and fitness and has now found a love for working out at Haden Hill Leisure Centre.

When and why did you join Haden Hill Leisure Centre?

I joined Haden Hill Leisure Centre in June 2019. I was diagnosed with suspected gallbladder issues, and I decided I wanted to do something about my weight as I knew I was not healthy for a 30-year-old. I was un-happy with the way I looked and didn’t like having my photo taken or going out. Haden Hill Leisure Centre is only up the road from me so the location is ideal! 

The one card membership is great value for money as it includes gym, swim and classes that appealed to me. 

What do you enjoy about Haden Hill?

Staff are all very friendly and approachable and have always made me feel comfortable regardless of my ability.

Personally, I like using the gym now, but the classes are great and have such a fab atmosphere. Although I tend to use the gym more so now I still attend a handful of classes, indoor cycling classes are great! You’re defiantly guaranteed to sweat with some ace music, it’s such a good workout!

I like that there is always a gym instructor in the gym to give you a helping hand if you need some guidance or just a chat. 

Since joining SLT I have met lots of new people with the same interest which have turned into my friends. We encourage and support each other which is lovely knowing you have people to turn to when you need to. 

Park fit outdoor group exercise at Haden Hill Park is a bonus in our membership, it is a guaranteed laugh with other members and instructors. 

What’s your biggest fitness achievement?

When I joined in 2019, I was 17 and half stone. I have now lost 7 and half stone from the help, guidance and support of the fitness instructors and group classes. It took me 18 months to lose the weight in total. I never thought going to the gym, I would lose the weight and enjoy it so much. Now it’s just become part of my daily lifestyle and I wouldn’t be without it.

What advice would you give to someone thinking of joining SLT?

I would 100% recommend joining! There is so much on offer and the OneCard membership means that I have the option to train at all of SLT sites too. Even if you are not a gym user, the variety of classes to suit everyone’s needs are amazing and you will definitely find something you love.  It is great value for money for what is included in the membership and the additional monthly 1-2-1 is great bonus!

Haden Hill has gave me a love for fitness which I never knew I had, its built my confidence back up and I’ve met some amazing people there who I wouldn’t be without.

If you want to start your fitness journey take a look at which membership would be best for you with our membership calculator:

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