Meet the member - Maggie loses 45 pounds

Meet the member - Maggie loses 45 pounds

Meet Haden Hill Leisure Centre One Card member Maggie. Maggie tells us about how attending Aqua-fit classes & eating healthier helped her loose over 3 stone.

What triggered your passion for getting fit ?
I was sitting in my garden on a sunny June afternoon thinking about my 39th birthday coming up and the fun times I was going to have as it’s my eldest sons birthday the day after mine and it dawned on me that next year I’m going to be 40. 40, I said to myself where have the years gone and for a few moments I sat in my own little world looking back on my life.

I then thought about how I’d battled with my weight since I’d had my three children and at this point in time I was at my biggest I’d ever been . I thought to myself “come on Maggie” do something about it your 40 next year let’s get fit for 40 so I made this my moto #fitfor40.

How did you find SLT ?
I undertook some research on the internet & it seemed Haden Hill Leisure Centre who would ideal. Local centre, good parking & open to all.

So how did you improve your health & fitness ?
I identified Aqua-fit as the ideal class as I suffer with problems in my right foot and hip from a ligament injury I had done a few years before.
The water would help take the pressure of the injury. At first, I started by doing one session a week to see how I would get on. I really enjoyed it, the atmosphere was great & everyone was so friendly.

How did you find the instructors ?
Natalie the instructor was welcoming from the very first session. She pushed us to work really hard leaving me  absolutely shattered but I loved it.
Heather, the other instructor, is also great. She works me hard and gives me the push and motivation I need to get the weight loss I wanted to achieve.

What made you become a One card member ?
As time went on, I started attending more sessions so it made sense to become a One Card member. One Card membership entitled me to pay monthly and attend as many different fitness classes ,gym ,sauna and different leisure centres as I wanted.

For less than £1 a day it gave me unlimited access to all these sessions.

So how’s your health & fitness journey going now ?
It’s seven months into my weight loss journey now I haven’t joined any slimming clubs , just healthy eating and attending my six Aqua-fit sessions a week.
I’ve currently lost 45lbs, I’ve still got a bit more to go yet but I feel GREAT, feel more confident ,energetic and HAPPY #fitfor40