Jodie Brown tells us how physical activity has changed her life

Jodie Brown tells us how physical activity has changed her life

Jody Brown who attends Sandwell MBC adult services sessions at Portway Lifestyle Centre earned a standing ovation at SLT's staff conference when she shared her personal experiences of attending the centre and the benefits gained to her lifestyle. SLT would like to thank Jodie and Mike Bott for their valuable time.

This is Jodies's speech that she wrote herself.

I come to Portway day opportunities 4 days a week.
2 years ago, I spent all my time with my mom and we used to spend our time arguing as you do. One day I was asked to come and see Portway and I was saying I aint coming here after a lot of encouragement and a new track suit from JD I GAVE IT A GO.
Wow my life has changed I have new friends within Portway and feel as thou I am part of a happy and vibrant centre. I like to help people and to organise what people are doing some may say I am bossy, but I say that I am confident………
This has given me and my mom time apart and know we get on a lot better and we still have our moments but generally get on lot better and mom is able to have time to herself.
When at Portway I like doing archery, swimming, gym, multi sports, and talking to everyone at Portway everyone makes me feel so welcome and always talk to me. I like to set myself goals when I go on holiday.  I feel much fitter and can stronger and enjoy testing my skills in the walking football and pushing the men around.
I hope you can see that Portway has made a big difference to my life and I hope to continue to make new friends and be part of the future and love being part of the Portway family.

Thank you for letting me tell my story

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

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