It's time to add some GRIT to your fitness plan

It's time to add some GRIT to your fitness plan
First of all, why is it called GRIT Series? It consists of 3 sections or format: Cardio, Plyo and Strength. Each section is 30 minutes long and designed to be taken 2-3 non-consecutive days a week. In GRIT Cardio, you can expect tuck jumps, sprints and burpees. GRIT Plyometrics is geared towards improving sports performance. GRIT Strength utilizes powerful, multi-joint movements to keep your heart rate high while working every muscle. 30 minutes will be more than enough!

Unlike other HIIT programs, GRIT combines rest periods in between intense bouts of exercise. Scientifically, this allows you to push yourself to the max. Psychologically, you know you will get a rest period, which allows you to push harder. This intense period of pushing your limits raises your EPOC (exercise post oxygen consumption), meaning your metabolism is raised significantly after training. It is not only the calories you are burning while you are exercising, but more importantly, the ones you are torching post workout that give you the results.

GRIT is designed for fit people who have been working out regularly and want to take their training to the next level. However, exercises can be adjusted to suit people new into a fitness environment too. It’s more than your usual choreographed dance style class; it’s training in a small group setting. 

GRIT Series leaves its participants pushing their limits; breathless and picking themselves up off the floor when the final track is done. GRIT does not have an instructor. GRIT has motivating coaches who will push you to your limit. They will take you beyond what you ever thought you could do.

GRIT is intense but fun and the energetic group atmosphere will make it a regular fixture to your usual fitness regime. 

GRIT Timetable at Haden Hill Leisure Centre
15.45 - 18.15
07.00 - 07.30
17.45 - 18.15
17.45 - 18.15
17.30 - 18.00
10.30 - 11.00

8.45 - 9.15

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