Improve your Golf Game in SLT Gyms

Improve your Golf Game in SLT Gyms
From back swing to finish position a golf swing takes between 1 and 2 seconds. In that time a golfer's body generates some exceptional forces. For that perfect shot, energy must be stored then released as efficiently as possible as well as actually making contact with the ball! The key to lengthening your shots is to increase the amount of force you can generate which in return, increases club head speed.

A study in 2004 of 45 golfers aged 18 to 80, showed that club head speed in recreational players correlated closely with handicap. The lower the handicap, the greater the club head speed found in a player's swing. Two more studies measured whether an 8 week conditioning program could improve swing forces and club head speeds in golfers of all ages and abilities. The results showed that just 2 days per week of simple strength, power and flexibility exercises significantly increased club head speed and shot distance.

These studies are by no means unique. What is clear is that physical conditioning will increase your shot distance more so than spending hours on the practise tee trying to swing faster and harder.

So, why not head to one of SLT’s gyms and ask a member of our fitness team about how they can support you with a strength & conditioning programme. Not only will it support your game tee to green, it will also get you fitter & feeling great about yourself.