Gym friendships can enrich our lives

Gym friendships can enrich our lives

Our facilities have brought many people together who didn’t know each other before. Doing any activity with a friend will always be more fun than on your own.

Friendships within a gym or fitness class environment enrich all our lives but it also supports us in a number of ways :-

Accountability – exercising together allows us to hold each other accountable. Don't allow each other to skip workouts.

Safety – Always having a workout partner can give you comfort in knowing you always have a spotter.

Encouragement – There are times we need some encouragement. We don’t always see our own improvements in the gym; it is easy to think we are not improving quickly enough. Having a workout partner who encourages you is important to success!

Competition – A little friendly competition is always good!

There are many of these friendship groups in our centres and we caught up with One Card member Charlotte Ford who told us how her friendship group came together and how it’s helped them all lead happier and healthier lives.

‘The first time we met was at a Friday night Zumba class back in 2016 at Smethwick Swimming Centre. We are all very different however the first person I noticed was Kerry, who was front of the class shaking her booty. I was quite shy stood at the back on my own. Sue Ward aka Twinnie, had a really happy warm friendly face she was encouraging & laughing at Kerry. We caught each other’s eyes and the rest is history. We have all been best friends since.’

‘From Smethwick we moved on to Portway Lifestyle Centre for their Bodypump and Zumba classes on Saturday mornings, this is when our friendship group expanded when we met Beena sand Gill.’

‘I set up a Whatsapp group and we chat non-stop. It started off as gym talk and what classes we were trying /doing next but now it’s so much more than that, we are now one another's agony aunt. We are all here for each other and really bounce of each other. ‘

‘We've called each other for everything on days one of us has missed a class ! They is no way of escaping. In the best possible way we encourage each other to get back sides back in the class! ‘

‘Sue Ward we also call the "Chief Wagga".We all love her dearly. Sue is battling a serious illness back currently and we all miss her dearly. Sue used to sneak an extra break in the classes much to our amusement even if just stopping to tie her shoe lace or pull up her socks. As a group we just love keeping fit together. It had really make the difference to going after a tough day at work. We've supported each other on a fitness, wellbeing and any other business. ‘

‘I do love my front row divas especially our "Chief Wagga" Sue Ward."

If you see any of our this fabulous crew at your favourite centre please say hello. SLT feel honoured to hear about these wonderful relationships that are made though coming to our facilities.

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