From Langley to nationals for Liam

From Langley to nationals for Liam

Here at SLT we do love to hear about our customers & how they progress with either sporting achievements or health & fitness. We came across local swimmer Liam Whitehouse as he kindly shared a couple of photographs with us via his Instagram account.

When did you start swimming at Langley Swimming Centre ?

I was around 6 years old when my parents enrolled me onto the swimming lessons programme.   

How long were you on the programme ?

I worked my way through the levels to stage 10. The main teachers I had was Brian and then Jill who were both very encouraging and taught me all the basic skills I needed to know to enjoy swimming

How did you progress to club swimming ?

A Paralympic coach Dave White wanted to see me swim so he came down to Langley and he said "you have lots of potential in future" and said I had to join a club. That is why I joined Oldbury.

How often do you train with Oldbury?

I try to train with Oldbury around 3-4 days a week depending on college now. I really enjoy the training as it has made me focus more on how I can improve my strokes and to improve my swimming times

How did you progress to disability competition swimming ?

I had to get a category for all my strokes. Mine is S10, SB9 and SM10. After that I got a regional time for my para swimming (it was at Rugby October 2016) so I went and got 1 gold in my 50m freestyle and Silver in my 100m and 400m freestyle.

So what's next ?

After my early medal success I was informed I could go to the winter nationals in December 2016 at Manchester swimming against some of the country's top disability swimmers that swam at the 2016 Olympics in Rio park so I went and got my times and that qualified me for the international para swim meet (World Series) which was in April this year Sheffield. I was informed that this is a meet that is next level down to Para-lympic. This October I'm off to regionals again followed by the nationals in December. 


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