Flu-season workout advice

Flu-season workout advice

The unavoidable cold and flu season is upon us where even the strongest and fittest amongst us can succumb to the dreaded common cold or worse. The good news is if you are already working out regularly you are less likely to catch a cold. Regular exercise combined with sleep and good nutrition are key factors in boosting your immune system.

But what if you do? Is it still safe to work out? When should you take time off and rest?

A good rule to remember is ‘below the head, stay in bed’ symptoms like chest congestion, a hacking cough or digestive problems shouldn’t be ignored, also if you are suffering from fever you shouldn’t try to exercise, Listen to your body and give it the rest it needs.

If you have milder symptoms associated with the common cold such as a runny nose, nasal congestion, sneezing or minor sore throat. These things shouldn’t derail your exercise routine too much, provided you feel OK energy-wise.

Even with these milder symptoms should you decide to workout it’s probably best to turn down the intensity and duration of your workouts and do some easier workouts while you are ill and maybe take another rest day to help your body recover.

When you do start to feel better, it’s also not the best idea to jump straight back in at the deep end with your normal routine, increase the effort and duration of your workouts slowly.

If you have any doubts its best to rest also discuss your symptoms and your routine with your doctor.

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