Everything you need to know about BAM (Box and Move)

Everything you need to know about BAM (Box and Move)

BAM (BOX AND MOVE)® started at Tipton Sports Academy this year, we caught up with Instructor Mick who told us all about the boxing inspired class;

What is Box and Move?

BAM (BOX AND MOVE) ® is a FUN Fitness MASHUP combining Boxing, Interval training, Body Conditioning and Stretch.  The programme is designed to amalgamate a number of fitness elements which include strength training, cardiovascular, postural stability, balance, core and alignment which in turn form BAM BOX AND MOVE®. 

What does a typical class involve?

Each BAM workout will consist of:

- A Dynamic Warm-up - this will include a demonstration of the boxing combinations to be used in the following sessions. The Warm-up will raise your core temperature and make their muscles suppler in preparation for the class ahead.  The Warm-up can last between 5-10 minutes and will be delivered at a moderate pace. 

- Pad Work - using a neutral/open stance to focus on core stability, balance and postural alignment, hand eye co-ordination, speed and agility.

- Interval Training - the interval training section enables the participant to go all out, giving 100% through quick, intense bursts of sequential manoeuvres, followed by short recovery periods.  Each set will have a number of exercises with a set duration.  This type of training fires up and maintains your heart-rate, while burning more fat in less time.  This phase uses a system of varied intensity workouts which alternate with short rest periods.

- Body Conditioning - elements of this phase derive from Contrology and mainly focus on technique, posture and alignment while being performed to moderate paced music. This phase is finished with a stretch.

What are the benefits of the class?

·         Improved postural alignment, core strength

·         Develops strength, tone & body awareness

·         Rediscover your body’s natural movement patterns and Restore balance

·         A firmer flatter stomach with a more defined waist

·         Alleviates muscle tension and improves flexibility

·         Improves speed, co-ordination and reflexes

·         Supports MENTAL and PHYSICAL WELL-BEING

Any tips for beginners? 

Take it easy during the warm-up and focus on the technique throughout the session.

How can you expect to feel after a class?

When you come out of a BAM session you will know that you’ve had a workout whilst also feeling energised and de-stressed.  BAM is the perfect way to burn calories and relieve stress.

BAM (BOX AND MOVE)® takes place on Friday at 19.15 only at Tipton Sports Academy.


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