Community Games

Community Games

Community Games is part of the West Midlands Legacy Trust programme that aims to leave a lasting legacy from the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games. The programme is about encouraging and enabling communities across the West Midlands to stage their own community events, drawing on the inspiration of Dr William Penny Brookes, Wenlock Olympian Games (which started in 1850 and were themselves an inspiration for the Modern Olympic Games).

The vision is for the Community Games programme is to create a region-wide street-level celebration of sporting and cultural abilities, run by communities for communities. The defining characteristics of a Community Games are:

  • They are driven and shaped by a community
  • They feature a combination of sporting and cultural activities
  • They include some sort of ceremony, ideally an opening and/or closing ceremony

They encompass the following values:

  • Inclusive, accessible to all, and ideally free of charge for participants
  • Cross-generational
  • Reflecting the values of the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games
  • Involving young people, both as participants and as decision makers
  • Reflecting diversity and internationalism
  • Utilising digital media to engage new people
  • To increase the aspiration of communities

The programme aims to engage 100,000 people through 500 Community Games over the duration of the project.

If you are a community organisation and ready to get started you can find out more about Community Games and download a free toolkit.

Supported by the Legacy Trust, the Community Games programme provides information, guidance and support to enable you to stage your own Community Games and bring the inspiration of London 2012 to your doorstep.

The Black Country Sports Partnership is currently able to support community games events through a New Events Fund which allocates grants of up to £250 per event which is developed and delivered by and with community groups.

The Black Country Sports Partnership Lead Officer is Laura Whitehead who you can contact directly on: 01384 471139 or e-mail:

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