10 reasons to take up swimming

10 reasons to take up swimming
1. The number one reason everyone should learn to swim is the fact that it’s a lifesaving skill. Through regular swim sessions the muscles and techniques you need to stay afloat will ready prepared in case the worst should happen and you find yourself in a watery incident.

2. Swimming works wonders on your muscle tone. If you are looking to tone up, try adding a session in the pool or two to your weekly workout routine.

3. Working out in water provides a controlled resistance as water is 12 times denser than air and has a similar effect as using weights. This is ideal for those who are not confident with lifting weights but want to feel the benefits of resistance exercises.

4. Not only can swimming tone up muscles, it is also a great cardio workout which helps with any weight loss goals. Cardiovascular or "cardio” workouts get your heart pumping which is good for heart health, improving fitness levels and burning calories.

5. It burns a lot of calories leading to weight loss. Swimming for just half an hour can burn up to 250 calories! That’s the equivalent of: 1 chocolate bar or 1.5 bags of crisps or 2 slices of pizza.

6. Fun for all the family. Swimming is an activity that the whole family can take part in. Particularly useful if the whole family could do with a lifestyle overhaul.

7. Everyone can benefit from a dip in the pool. Whether you're a fitness fanatic already, recovering from an injury, inactive, older, pregnant or a new mum, swimming gives everyone a great workout controlled to a pace and intensity that suits you.

8. Its low impact which means that swimming is gentle on the joints. So a workout in the pool is perfect for those who may be older, injured or for anyone needing to take it easy on their joints.

9. Water supports up to 90% of the body’s weight, so it is a great way to keep active even with a disability or injury. If you’re suffering from a temporary injury such as a sprain or have a long-term injury or illness, swimming is a super way to stay active during your recuperation.

10. Due to a higher level of moisture present in the air when you’re in a swimming pool area in comparison to the dryer air in gyms. This additional moisture makes it easier to breathe; perfect for those who suffer with asthma or who find cardio in the gym a bit too hard on their lungs. Studies have shown that swimming can vastly improve asthma symptoms and is good for the lung health of everyone.

There are so many benefits to swimming that we just couldn’t fit on this list; from lowering the risk of heart disease, stroke and type-2 diabetes to helping with depression, improving your balance to stabilising muscles in your core and lower back, the list is endless. If this has got you reaching for your swim bag and towel, Sandwell Leisure Trust has pools available at the following sites: Haden Hill Leisure Centre, Tipton Leisure Centre, Wednesbury Leisure Centre, Smethwick Swimming Centre, Langley Swimming Centre and Portway Lifestyle Centre.