Meet the Instructors

Bradie: Site Fitness Co-Ordinator

I have been in fitness for around 4 years and have always been a lover of anything involving sport and fitness. For me training is ‘no pain no gain.’ I like to end a workout feeling 'did I really just do that!?' Pushing yourself to your boundaries and surprising yourself at exactly what you can do when you put your mind to it.

I both teach classes and do individual instruction, and can adapt to help you work towards a goal. Whether that be body fat reduction, strength and conditioning or just a general chit chat. I like people to feel comfortable when working with me because sometimes we have to get personal and share things so never feel like you can’t approach me about anything.
Any questions please ask, always here to help.
Tom: Gym Instructor

I've been in the fitness industry for around 4 years now and along the way I've learnt many styles of coaching people- adapting to different peoples goals and what they want to achieve. I understand that everybody is different and not all want the same thing. Some of you might coming to the gym to loose weight, some of you may come for the social side but all of you come to work hard and achieve your goals.

Over the years I've worked with many people in a group or on a individual basis coaching them towards their goal. I have two passions when it comes to training Crossfit and Boxing. Let's touch on Crossfit- without going into too much detail it's 'constantly varied, high-intensity, functional movement.' As for boxing, who doesn't love to pretend for a moment that they are the heavy weight champion of the world.

Just to throw another spanner into the works both Crossfit and boxing are both competitive sports and I compete in both. Interested in finding out more, don't hesitate to come see me.
I look forward to seeing you.
Anna: Gym Instructor

I first got into fitness after I lost around 2 stone in a year through lots of visits to the gym & fitness classes and a general lifestyle change. I loved it and became addicted. I figured if I can do it why can’t I help others do it too and so my journey started into the fitness industry. I have now been in it around 3 years.  I started off teaching classes on an evening after my 9-5 job and then decided I wanted to do it full time and so applied for a gym instructor role!

Being able to help people achieve their goals is why I love my job. That and being able to find out how hard I have to push people to get that ‘pain’ face. I really enjoy teaching classes;  Indoor Cycling, Bodypump, Boxercise, BLT, BodyCon, Fitness Yoga, Aqua to name a few; and I try to bring the hint of fun & loss of time you experience in classes into gym programmes and 1-2-1's too. I love that there is no right or wrong in fitness just different ways of achieving your goals. It is a constant learning curve and I believe that’s what keeps me doing what I do.

I’m here to motivate and give you a workout that pushes you to your limits but you enjoy. To me that’s key.
I look forward to meeting you soon.

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