Online Booking Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions about the Sandwell Leisure Trust online booking system.

Can anyone use online booking?

No. To book online you must hold a current Leisure Pass.

What is a Leisure Pass and where can I apply for one?

Leisure Passes are a leisure centre membership scheme that provides discounts, incentives and advanced booking for a range of sport and leisure activities. There are different types of membership available.

Whether you live in or outside the borough, you can use your pass for a fantastic range of activities.

More information about Leisure Passes.

How can I get help with online booking?

We have a Help Using Online Booking page which you may find useful. If not, please email

Can I pay for my booking online?

Yes, all activities booked online must be paid for at the time of booking.

My surname or postcode is not being accepted when I log in. Why?

We may not have your current name and address details. Or it is possible that we entered your membership application into the computer incorrectly. Please contact your leisure centre to get your details checked or updated.

Why can't I see my surname/postcode as I type them on the log-in page?

In the interests of security, asterisks replace the information you type in on the log-in page. This helps to prevent misuse of the card.

How do I cancel a booking once I have submitted it?

It is not possible to cancel your booking online. Please call the leisure centre direct in person if you wish to cancel.

Can I book on-line 24 hours a day?

Yes. However there may be times when the system is unavailable due to maintenance. Also see notes on book ahead days below.

Is there a limit to the number of Consecutive bookings I can make online?

2 hours consecutively is the maximum court time you are allowed to book on any badminton or squash court, this is also the rule with telephone and 'in-person' bookings.

How many days ahead can I book activities for?

The book ahead system that we operate means that you can book 7 days in advance, this is also the rule with telephone and 'in-person' bookings.

I want to book an activity that doesn't appear in the list of available activities. How do I do this?

Not all of our activities are available online. If the activity you require is not in the list, please contact your local Leisure Centre.

Why are some timeslots blank?

Timeslots that are blank mean this activity doesn't take place at that time.

The activity I require is sold out. How can I check for further availability?

If an activity is sold out, you can still see if there is availability by checking an alternative venue. Many of our activities are available at more than one sports centre.

To go back to the list of leisure centres, click on the 'change selections' button.

What are the 'basket' and the 'checkout'?

If the booking is acceptable to you and you have other bookings you wish to make, click on the 'add to basket' button and the booking will be held for you while you continue to book other activities.

If the booking is acceptable to you and you wish to make no further bookings, click on the 'proceed to checkout' button to continue with the process.

How do I obtain a list of my future bookings?

The 'view future bookings' button provides you with a list of all your future bookings at any of the sports centres. These may have been booked online, in person or by telephone. The bookings you are in the process of making will not show in this list until you have clicked on 'submit booking' on the next page.

Can I print a confirmation of my booking to prove it has been made successfully?

You can print a confirmation of your booking details by clicking on the 'Print Confirmation' button on the last page of the booking process. You are required to take this confirmation with you when you take part in your activity.

Do I need to take my Leisure Pass card with me to the Leisure Centre?

Yes, you will be required to produce your leisure pass card at reception to be swiped to confirm your attendance.

How do I log out of Online Bookings?

Please click on the 'log out' button to complete the booking process and return to the log-in screen.

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